Our Services

Cakes and Treats for all occasions

Our Services

Cakes and Treats for all occasions

Birthday Cakes

Your simple traditional sponge cakes ranging from vanilla,chocolate and variety of fillings

Custom Cakes

These are more personalized to your unique interest.This can be anythingnfrom 3-D artisting cakes to bespoke and inspired cakes


These are mini cakes crowned with silky frosting,perfect individual cake for all occasions. They are the fancier and fluffier muffin


Oh how we love these delicious cakes on an icecream stick. It gives you the excitement for icecream but its better,prettier and incredibly tasty

Cake Pops

Perfect bite sized ball cake on a stick. This one is also a hit at kiddies parties ,baby shower dessert tables and school bake sales just like cupcakes. These pretty bites are so cute and tasty


Who doesnt like fluffy buttermilk scones? These are always a hit to enjoy with tea, whether you like them plain, with fruit or savoury, we got you covered


Our clients absolutely love our melt in your mouth assorted biscuits, they are perfect with coffee or Tea or as a gift when you visit your loved ones

Iced Cookies

Artsy custom made cookies to suite your celebration theme. They are also perfect for thank you gifts

Treat Boxes

(filled with variety of treats) 
we offer sweet and savoury. See pictures for the selections

Try us, take a bite!!

Try us, take a bite!!